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Druskininkai – Wellness Springs Resort

Druskininkai is a year-round international resort offering mineral bath, mud and climate therapies.

Mineral waters of different mineralization, similar to the well-known European mineral waters, and cure mud are found in the resort.  Nature also endowed Druskininkai with mild climate, many lakes and beautiful parks and groves, where the guests can find their peace. Since 1794 the small town that has rapidly grown into an attractive tourist center offering all the benefits of a carefree and safe vacation.

Druskininkai offers a wide variety of health treatment services: herbal, bubble, honey and other baths, massages, krio- and magnet therapy, various health care, beauty and weight loss packages, etc.

Here are several worth-seeing sights: soviet sculptures museum “Gruto parkas”, woodcarvers’ parks, etc. Visit one of the largest Aqua-parks in Europe and 70-level adventure park ONE.

Welcome to Druskininkai!


Did you know that…

  • The name of Druskininkai derives from the word “salt” (“druska” in Lithuanian). That’s why you can always find various interpretations of the term here – international contemporary music festival “Druskomanija” (“Salt mania”), en plein air of artists “Druskos metamorfozės“ (“Metamorphosis of Salt”), exhibitions of hand-made goods made from salt, lessons of the craft for children.
  • Druskininkai also offers cryotherapy (treatment using low temperatures such as −160 °C) procedures, which help in treating bronchitis, metabolism disorders, burn scars, spine, joint and skin illnesses.
  • Local natural mineral spring waters can rebuild water and electrolytes balance in one‘s body, supplement it with macro/microelements; quicken the metabolism.
  • The variety of entertainment in Druskininkai grows with every year – you can play squash or pétanque, practice archery or simply „walk on water“. (More activities to choose from – at )
  • Here in Druskininkai municipality there are 22 buildings which have been included in the culture heritage register; also, over 50 monumental and decorative sculptures.
  • You can always find publications with all the necessary information and various souvenirs (which are a great present for someone you are visiting or your own guests) at the Druskininkai Tourism and Information Centre.

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We appreciate Your choice to have rest in Druskininkai.
We hope that You'll become our permanent guests and will visit us again.
Your answers help us to evaluate and improve the quality of our services.
We genuinely care about Your good and safe rest!



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Find time for Yourself, Your health and recreation, and visit Druskininkai !

The oldest and currently the most popular Lithuanian balneological resort welcomes you with treatment facilities, comfortable hotels, SPA complexes, Aqua Park, and modern leisure clubs. Druskininkai offers you a wide variety of health treatment services of high quality, various health care, SPA, beauty and leisure packages. Conference, weekend and cultural tourism become increasingly popular, as well.
 Visit Druskininkai Aqua Park and you will forget all distress. You are always welcome in hospitable Druskininkai!


Deputy Major of Druskininkai municipality  Kristina Miškinienė

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"Druskininkai - a place for Your leisure" (2007, 22 pages)

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