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Druskininkai - sveikatos šaltinių kurortas


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First time Druskininkai was mentioned in the sourcebook in 1636.

On the 20th June, 1794 the Grand Duke of Lithuania and the King of Poland Stanislaw August Poniatowski issued the decree and declared Druskininkai to be the watering-place.

Vilnius University Professor Ignacy Fonberg performed and published the analysis of the chemical composition of local waters in 1835.

In 1837 the emperor Nicholas I of Russia approved the project of Druskininkai watering-place.

In 1838 a squire Sivicki established the first private medical SPA in Ratnyčia. Salty water was taken  from Druskininkai to the SPA in barrels.

In the middle of the nineteenth century Druskininkai was the third most popular health resort, including Crimea and Caucasus.

In 1870 table mineral water “Nasha” (“Our”) received an award “A respond of honour” for its therapeutic properties in Russian manufactory exposition in Petersburg.

At the end of the 19th century one of the first photography salons in Lithuania was opened in Druskininkai.

In 1889 the Druskininkai was given a town status by the Department of Interior cooperating with Ministry of Finance.

In 1894 the first 150-places stone medical SPA was opened (at present hotel Europa Royale Druskininkai)

In 1908 the first shuttle bus started in Lithuania. It took passengers from the western Belarus area (Pariečė) railway station to Druskininkai hotels.

In 1913 nine percent of all watering-places’ guests in Russia came to Druskininkai.

In 1924-1939 the Sun, Air and Exercising Therapy Park was flourishing in Druskininkai (see famous people).

In 1955 Druskininkai converted to a popular Soviet Union all-year-round health resort.

In 1960 Therapeutic Mud SPA was opened (at present Health Resort Druskininkai).

In 1980 Water SPA was opened (at present Druskininkai Aqua Park).

In 2001 a soviet statue museum Grūtas Park was opened.

In 2003 magazine “Newseek” included Druskininkai in TOP 10 balneology resorts in Europe.

On the 30th May, 2008 the flag of Honour of the Council of Europe was conferred on Druskininkai.

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