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Druskininkai - sveikatos šaltinių kurortas


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The Lithuanian culinary heritage is unique and standing out from culinary heritage of other European regions. Lithuania may be proud of its rye bread and cheeses. However, even in separate ethnographic regions of Lithuania the preparation of dishes differed. Peculiarities and diversity of regional cuisines were influenced by local festive customs, agriculture traditions, natural conditions and other factors.

Knowledge of soil fertility, the region‘s woodlands and other similar factors as well as skills for gaining benefit from them determined the fact that the traditional cuisine of Dzūkija was dominated by dishes prepared from buckwheat and other grain cultures well-cropped in poor soil, mushrooms and other forest goods. Undoubtedly, potato and milk dishes were widely spread.

Those inhabitants of Dzūkija living closer to lakes and rivers in their traditional cuisine used a lot of fish prepared according to different recipes.

The majority of dishes prepared according to the old recipes may be tasted in Druskininkai and its vicinities.

  • Potato dishes: “kugelis” (potato cake), “vėdarai” (potato-stuffed baked sausages), “cepelinai” (a kind of potato dumplings with the filling usually made from meat);
  • Meat dishes: “skilandis” (smoked chopped bacon sausage), cured sausage, ham, dumplings;
  • Fish dishes: smoked and otherwise prepared vendaces, pikes, tenches, breams, eels, roaches, perches;
  • Mushroom dishes: dried boletus, salted wooly milk caps, tricholoma flavovirens;
  • Buckwheat dishes: buckwheat pancakes, buckwheat babka;
  • Beverages: kvass, kissel;
  • Desserts: “šakotis“ (Lithuanian variant of German Baumkuchen cake).


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