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Illusion rooms



The “Illusion Rooms” are four rooms—four illusions—comprised of a Galaxy Room, a Crooked Mirror Room, a Gravity Room and a Size Illusion Room. 
The Galaxy Room will bring you to an infinite realm and will allow you to feel as if you are amidst the stars. 
The Gravity Room is a place where the laws of gravity do not apply.
Come in and surprise your friends with fun and original photographs of you standing at a table upside down or doing a handstand. 
The Crooked Mirror Room will allow you to see yourself from a different angle, while in the Size Illusion Room, you will become big—so big, like you have never been before.
The “Illusion Room” is a place where you can get away from your daily life and be engulfed by the world of illusion.

The “Illusion Rooms” provide entertainment to everyone every day.

Working time:
I–IV: 11–20
V–VI: 10–22
VII: 10–20





Curved Mirrors

1 €

1 €

Galaxy Room

2,5 €

1,5 €

Ames Room

1,5 €

1 €

Gravity Room

1 €

1 €

All activities

5 €

4 €

* Discount approval needed (students/seniors ID card). Free admission for children younger than 6 years old. 20% discount for groups bigger than 10 people. Free entry for group leader. Visit time is not limited. 




Gardino g. 3, tel. (+370 313) 60800 | M.K.Čiurlionio g. 65, tel. (+370 313) 51777 | E-mail: information@druskininkai.lt